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Friday, March 9, 2012


Assalam oalaikum,
Zircon is also known as hessonite and cinnamon stone. It also called Cinnamon stone because it was initially found in Ceylon (the present day Sri Lanka), which is known for its spices. In Hindi it is known as Gomed while in Sanskrit it is called Gomedak.
Zircon has the characteristics of brilliance, uniform color, a high specific gravity and transparency. It comes in a wide range of colors such as red, blue, yellow, green, orange and hues of browns. It can be colorless also.
This gemstone helps to increase appetite, energy, prosperity, happiness and brings good health to the wearer. It adds sheen to the skin and enhances the faculty of thinking and reasoning. The wearer gets victory over his enemies and it expels evil spirits.
Real Zircon lacks concentric rings of air bubbles. Zircon happens to be one of the heaviest gemstones. Hence, a zircon gem appears to be
smaller in physical size as compared to other gemstones of the same weight.
Zirkon closely resembles diamonds because of its fire and luster.

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Anonymous said...

I have a zircon but it do not work and it is not the real zircon.i have a luck problem.plz tell me which gemstone is better fer me.

Anonymous said...

Aslam-o-Alikum, Does real Zircon has any particular distinguishing characteristics? How do we know i have bought real zircon? If i buy from internet how do i know its real as its weight and air bubble can not be noticed.

Anonymous said...

good evening
i just want to know that which gemstone will suit to me my DOB is 27th of january 1989 .
and 2nd thing is that how we know which stones is real because so many people are selling it in very cheap and expensive price
please tell me i will me very thankful to you

shaik said...

As salam alaykum

I wants to know which is the the best gemstone for me.

Anonymous said...

my Dob 14sep 1999 name M.Zubair s/o M.Arif

hamza said...

Assalam O Alikum
Sir i want to know which stone is better for me.I try to search everywhere but find always a different from previous.And yes i like the stone Dur e najaf but if it doesn't match with my date of birth can i wear it..plz reply