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Friday, March 9, 2012


Assalam oalaikum,
In Hindi and Sanskrit topaz is called Pukhraj. Topaz comes in different colors such as light yellow or golden color, amber gold, peach color, warm browns and orange. A rare type of topaz can be pale pink to a sherry red. White topaz has a low value as a gemstone and is used in jewelry.
Topaz controls anger and depression and if worn on the arm, it dispels black magic effects. It helps the wearer control lavishness and is beneficial for kids.
Yellow topaz is beneficial for progress in business. It makes the wearer happy and wealthy. It helps to create marital bliss. The ruling planet of topaz is Jupiter.
Topaz is commonly used to enhance ones' financial status. The wearer gets abundance of wealth, good health, honor and fame.

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Minhaj said...


My name is Minhaj . I am searching for a Islamic site which recommends gemstones.

If you do the same please suggest stone for me or recommend me the web site name.


Not able to save much inspite of earning a good salary. All investments in property and share market end up in losses.

Worried about my future responsibilities and retirement.

Can you suggest gemstone favouring me.
Best regards

Allah hafiz


aamir said...

Dear Amel Sb;

please let me know which Stone i should use to impvove my financial position according to my name and mother's name M


azmat said...

assalam wale kum....
My name is azmat . Age 29 . Before 15 days ago i use yamani aqeeq with silver ring . Its color was lite brown in room light and red in sun light . know days its color was dark black and red in sun light. Is there any negative signal for me . When i started salah at that time color started changing and know it is black.

Anonymous said...

where is the best place to get gemstones from?
and also i am fascinated about muwakkil angels is there book i can get to read about them.
also is true that gemstones can make all dreams come true? as long as they are pure?
what can you tell me about occult sciences and using them to gain success?
may allah bless you for giving knowledge to me

Anonymous said...

Assalamu oalaikum, I found site where you spoke about finding the right gemstone, and I have had a hard time finding it(mine), I was wondering if maybe you could help me? I was born in the year of 1995-01-23, that was a monday. I would really appreciate it if you could help me.

Anonymous said...

My name is junaid i was born on 17th jan 1986 Could you please recommend me which stone should i use has i have no knowledge about the stones

Unknown said...

Assalam alykum

amel sahab mere liye koi gemstone batyye. Mera name
muhammad Osman hai aur date birth 20-Aug-1976.

JazakAllah khair

Anonymous said...

Aslam-o-Alikum, I was wondering if you could help me with choosing the best stone for my self. I was born in the month of September. That would make Sapphire my birthstone. I have consulted other sites and have found that Blue topaz, moss Agata, Zircon and jasper are related to September. Please guide me regarding finding an appropriate gemstone.