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Friday, March 9, 2012


Assalam oalaikum,
Coral is called Moonga in Hindi and its ruling planet is Mars. It comes in different colors such as red, white, pink, orange, and yellow. Red colored coral is widely used for astrological purposes. Tying a coral around one’s stomach protects the wearer from stomach-related diseases. Coral protects the wearer from black magic, evil spirits, curses and evil thoughts. It prevents nightmares also. It is quite effective in protecting infants from evil eye and waking up suddenly at night.
Those who wear red coral become courageous and they can defeat their enemies. Simply gazing at coral energizes a person. Red coral helps combat depression. If a pregnant woman wears Coral then she will have a safe delivery. Coral makes lethargic persons active and it increases physical strength. It protects the wearer from witchcraft, accidents, and lightning.

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Unknown said...

assalam alaykum wr wb.aap se dili guzarish hai ki aap mere jese logo ke liye joh achchi tarah se arabi aur english nahi janate un ke liye hindi me likhne ki meharbanikare taqi zyada logo ko fayada phunche kyu ki english aue arabi janane wale hindi zaroor janate hai.shukriya.Allaha hafiz

Anonymous said...

Wa alaikum salam Shahnawaz bhai...
Mai aap ko batata hou is ka matlab kiya hai...
Coral jisse hindi mai moonga kehte hai or yeh planat MARS pe hakoomat karta hai. yeh mukhtalid rango mai aata hai jaisa ke surakh,safed, gulabi, maltayi, gulabi or peela. Surakh rang ka Coral aksar astrological purpose k liye istimal hota hai. Coral ko kisi k maide k saath agar band diya jaaye tu woh maide se mutaliq beemario se mehfooz rehta hai.Coral logo ko kale jadu, bad rooh ya aseb, lalach ya hasad or shetani khayalat se mehfooz rakta hai.Is k elawa yeh buri nazar or achanak raat ko jaagne se bhi mehfooz rakta hai.Woh log jo surakh rang ka Coral pehnte hai woh bahadur ban jaate hai or apne dushmano ko shikast da sakte hai. Coral insan ko himmat deta hai.Surakh rang depression ya pareshani se bachata hai.Agar hamila aurat isse pehn la tu us ka hamal safe yani mehfooz ho ga.Coral kamzor insan ko taqat deta hai. Yeh shetani taqat hadssat or lighting se bhi bachata hai....

Anonymous said...

Can I have a little more about coral stone.. What should we call it in Urdu???

Anonymous said...

what is the name of aqeeq in English???


Aqeeq. Carnelian

Ali said...

Dear Amel,

Salam & I am grateful to read your blog about Gemstones in Islam. Indeed helpful & wondering if you can further help me to advise if I can wear Blue Sapphire. As per my understanding not everyone can wear Blue Sapphire.

Look forward for your reply, thank you

asma said...

i want to know about my gems stone
my name is Asma
was born in jan /24/1993
and i am unable to get job also
plz help me!

Unknown said...

It is said that a gemstone must be energized before wearing it.

Can you tell how is it energized?