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Friday, March 9, 2012

The lure of gemstones and jewels

Assalam oalaikum,
People find the jewels and gemstones, precious or semi-precious, quite alluring and enchanting due to their sparkling appearance. There is a tradition of wearing them since time immemorial. Apart from looking dazzling the gemstones also have healing qualities. Just as an umbrella protects one from the sun rays, so these gemstones protect one from the negative influences. The gemstones are a creation of Allah (swt) and like his other creations they also worship Allah (swt). Hadees also proves that our Prophet Mohammad (saw) used to wear gemstones. Therefore his Ummah also tries to follow his footsteps.

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Anonymous said...


I need your help in choosing a gemstone for wealth and success.
Date of birth is 11 June 1974


zohra said...

Salam Brother i born in june my name is zohra please tell me which gemstone you prefer for. Thanks

hamza said...

I just read your blog related to gemstones. So I wanted to ask that I'm wearing a tiger eye so how could I find out that does it suits me or not?


Anonymous said...




Ehtisham said...

Sir Asalamo Alikum!!!
My name Is Ehtisham and my Date of birth is 18-07-1996.And My Star is Cancer.
I am already wearing alot of stones like Aqeeq.Feroza.Zarkoon.Majan.
But I want to know that acording to my star which one is more suitable for me.
Kindly tell me imediatley as soon as Received.
Thank You

Anonymous said...

Dear and respected brother, firstly I wish you Ramadhan Moubarek, and may Allah subhanehu we te'ala helps you to fast, and accepts your fasts, and duas, and salat, and dhikr,
and good deeds!
I have read your blog, and I would like to ask you one question.
It is about gemstones in silver rings. You said in your blog, that I can ask you which gemstone is good for me,
considering my date of birth, and day when I was born.
I would like you to tell me, which stone to buy and wear, brother.
Some gemstone which is universal, that is helps with protection, rizk, health...
And also, if you can tell me which stone to wear for what need...
If you would be so kind, fi sebilillah brother, answer me.
I am born on 15th of March, 1978, on Wednesday.
If you need my name, please let me know.

Unknown said...

Assalamu mo alaikom im dels what is stone suitable for..I was born on January 1981

Unknown said...

Salaam I'm dels I was born on January 1981 what is gemstones suitable for me

Maqsood said...

Dear Brother,

Assalam alaikum,

Can you specify what will be the exact time or when can we see the effects of both (Topaz & Lajward) stone

I am waiting your reply

Allah hafiz

Anonymous said...

My name is Salam. I live in J&K state of India. My son is who has been taking the IAS exam for last two years but not getting any success. The aspirants who used to take guidance from him have crossed the barrier. His DOB is 18-02-1988. He is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering and his optional subject is Public Administration. I went to a religious person and narrated the whole story. He recommended Yellow Pokhraj for him. As yet he has not worn it. Kindly write how far is success for him. The said religious person has given me the indication of his success in the coming exam he is going to enter. Kindly make a special duaa for his success.
With great regards
and reverence

ANJUM said...

Dear brother can you define what a kitalal stone is as you have mentioned it in your other blog of numerology. I couldn't find any stone or anything of that name.