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Friday, March 9, 2012


Assalam oalaikum,
This gemstone has an alluring blue color which is quite fascinating. Those who wear it are benefited by it in several ways:
It makes the enemies less hostile
It breaks the black magic spells that are cast on the wearer by his or her enemies.
If a convict wears it then he gets released soon.
The house in which sapphire is used in a ring remains safe from outbreak of fire.
Sapphire brings purity in one’s thoughts
It drives away pain
It creates faithfulness and truthfulness
It brings in a lot of wealth and material prosperity.

While buying a sapphire one should be sure that it is original and not a fake or synthetic one. The difference between synthetic and fake gemstones is that fake ones are basically glass, whereas the synthetic ones are grown in a lab under the same chemical makeup and same conditions in which the real sapphires grow. Nowadays, a lot of fraud dealers of gemstones take advantage of the naivety of the buyers and sell away the fake ones. A layman will not be able to make out the difference between the fake ones and the original ones.
If you hold a sapphire with a pair of tongs and dip it in water then the colored as well as the uncolored parts of the stone will be clearly visible. The color of the blue sapphire will appear exactly as it is. This is an easy home-test that can help one make out whether the sapphire is an original or fake.
If you want to make out a Blue Sapphire from a man-made blue glass then remember that a glass is a good simulant for all gemstones. All types of man-made glass have "gas bubble" inclusions which are visible as round, oval or elongated. A layman might find it tough to identify these "gas bubbles" and make them out from crystal fingerprints initially. However, with practice they can easily differentiate between the gas bubbles and crystal fingerprints.
In order to test a white sapphire you should observe its interior color. A pure, naturally-occurring white sapphire can possibly be slightly cloudy, even off-white, or it may have a slightly yellow tinge. However, a synthetic one may be completely clear.

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Unknown said...

Is there some different kinds??because some are costly and some found normal..

Iftekhar said...

Assalamuwaalikum Janab,

My Name:Iftekhar

My Date of Birth:12-06-1971.

I want to know whether I can wear Amber Gem Stone or keep it with me and which is the best one to wear if at all.

Please advise in detail about the same.

May Allah pak bless you and your family and also your companions supporting you in this cause.

Allah Hafiz.

Unknown said...

asalam o alikum my name is sonia akmal qureshi and i born on 7september 1997 plzz guid me which stone suits me

khan said...

Dear Respected,

I read your post regarding the gemstones. Its quite astonishing that you possess good knowledge about them.

I want to know about my lucky stone, birthstone or any other that suits me.

I will be thankful If you guide me about it. Currently I have Ruby but dont know whether it is suitable or not. kindly guide.

Anonymous said...

Aslam-o-Alikum, You mentioned in this article about the synthetic or in other words lab created sapphire. When one buys the sapphire one should be cautious. Does that mean the synthetic ones doesn't have the properties of the natural or original sapphire?
Also i have read somewhere that one should test the sapphire before buying it . like using it for at least 24 hours to see if it suites them. Even the people whose birthstone is sapphire are advised to do the test. Is it true? Do we really have to test it before buying it?

kamran said...

Respected Sir,
I would like to know about my stones according to the Islamic terms and conditions and according to my date of birth, could you please help me out of this,i didn't find the right person till yet accept you i read all your Blogs. or mujhay esa lagta hy k aapp mujhay sahi info dy saktay hai about my stones
thanks and best regards

Unknown said...

My Name Is Ahmed and I was born on 28/5/1998
And I'm wearing Neelam stone
Is this Stone Good for me..??
If Not, then Which gemstones should I wear...?

Unknown said...

Which stine is suit for me because I already wear Blue sapphire.
My date of birth
Rawalpindi, Pakistan