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Friday, March 9, 2012


Assalam oalaikum,
Pearls are the oldest known gems to man. They have continued to enchant people due to their ethereal beauty, since eons and are governed by Moon. Pearl is the only jewel that is not produced by the Earth. When a parasite or some other foreign substance enters a wild oyster, the oyster swings into defense mechanism by and starts depositing coatings of nacre over the irritant. As the time passes the mollusk continues to deposit layers of nacre and this is how the pearl is created.
Besides its use in jewelry it also provides various health benefits. It protects its wearer from piles, ailments of the eyes, stomach and liver, burning sensation while passing urine, gall bladder stones, headaches and body ache. It also protects the wearer from evil thoughts and makes the person serene.
Pearls come in various colors. The color of the pearl is described as a combination of its body color and the overtone. Overtone is the overlying color that seems to float over the pearl’s exterior. Overtones are semi-transparent colors, which tend to change the body color to some extent. They also add depth and glow to the pearl. For example: a pearl may be of white color with rose overtones. Some pearls do not have any overtone.
However, it is the pearl's body color that is considered as its main color. This can be white, gold, silver, green, cream-colored, blue, or even black.
Apart from the natural pearls there are the fake ones or the cultured ones doing the rounds in the market. In order to tell the real from the fake ones you should check the drill holes. Natural or real pearls are drilled as tiny as possible to maintain their value, so fakes pearls will often have larger holes. Besides this, in fake pearls the coating around the edges of the drill holes may be flaked off, making it look ragged or rough.

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