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Friday, March 9, 2012


Assalam oalaikum,
Beryl is the general name given to a group of gemstones that have a similar chemical composition. There are six categories of Beryl:
Aquamarine , which is a light bluish green kind of beryl.
Bixbite is the red kind of beryl. It is found rare. The manganese content in the stone imparts a red tinge to it.
The-GemStone-of-Gemini-and-Virgo" Emerald , which is the most popular amongst all beryl’s, is green in color. The chromium and iron content in the stone imparts a green tinge to it.
Goshenite is a colorless type of beryl.
Heliodor is called the yellow form of beryl. Its yellow color is due to the presence of iron content in the stone.
Morganite, which is known as the pink form of beryl, has this color owing to the manganese and iron content in it.
Beryl has many metaphysical, emotional as well as health benefits. Aquamarine, which is a form of beryl, is used to ward off demons and evil spirits. It is also used to protect the wearer from perils of traveling. This stone is said to promote good fortune. The metaphysical attributes of this gemstone includes its ability to heal intestinal, stomach-related illness, disorders of the heart and spine. It also helps to overcome

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