Friday, March 9, 2012

Cat's Eye

Assalam oalaikum

Cat's Eye belongs to the chrysoberyl family and has inclusions of olive-green rutile. When the stone is moved a little, a narrow strip of light passes over its exterior. This effect resembles an eye of a cat. Therefore, the gemstone is known as cat’s eye.
Cat's Eye is known in Hindi as Lahsuniyaa. In sanskrit it is called by different names such as Vaidurya Mani, Hemvaiduriya, Vidooraja, Keturatna and Vidalaksha whereas in Arabic it is called Enulahara.
It occurs in a range of colors from yellow to yellowish green and dull green to brown and brownish yellow.

The cat’s eye has a number of metaphysical and healing properties.
It helps to prevent unforeseen disasters, accidents and secret enemies.
Chrysoberyl’s are known to be linked with discipline and self-control.
They promote concentration, the ability to learn and help the wearer to strive for excellence.
They bring peace of mind; contentment, clearer thinking and boost confidence levels.
They help the wearer gain insight, psychic powers.
Cat’s eye protects the wearer from evil eye and astral attacks.
It can reduce or eradicate genetic diseases.
. Cat's Eye is beneficial for persons with hypertension as it reduces blood pressure.
Cat’s eye promotes good, eliminates irritability and regulates the mood of the wearer.
Besides these healing and metaphysical benefits Cat’s eye gemstones and cats eye beads are used in jewelry items because of their visual appeal.
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